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teacher development and evaluation system. This tool allows evaluators to record and track observation data at both the teacher- and school-level, populate and print Evaluator Forms after observations, and automatically calculate both MOTP and

ADVANCE: Teacher Evaluation - Children First Network 107
which provides regulations for implementing a statewide teacher and principal performance evaluation system that includes multiple measures of educator effectiveness.  On February 16, 2012 the law was amended to resolve the issues in New York

Teacher and Principal Evaluation
Advance is New York City's teacher development and evaluation system. See how it looks both at what teachers do and how students perform.

For anyone who does not have an advanced degree in statistics but would still like to figure out how our numbers are calculated, Jeff Kaufman sent a link to the Department of Education's Advance Guide for Educators which is now down (great job

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"Observe This": A NYC Teacher Has Doubts About the New Teacher Evaluation System Negotiated by UFT. - New York School Talk
Summer 2019 was one for the history books. Now, it’s back to school and, in preparation for our students’ return, New York City public school teachers sat through a series of professional developments early this week intended to prepare us with