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Home Health Software Solution - CradleMRx
CradleMRx, as a proven comprehensive home health software system, serves the specialized needs of home health professionals by providing point-of-care data entry and management in an easy-to-use, affordable solution. In a quickly-changing world,

Single Sign-On « Home Health Software Solution - CradleMRx
Over one year ago, CradleMRx introduced Single Sign-On. This allowed users to use only a single login for CradleMRx, even when working with multiple agencies. To make the transition to Single Sign-On easier, we left the traditional “Agency Key”

Support « Home Health Software Solution - CradleMRx
If you would like to chat with a live representative, please click the button below during normal business hours. If a representative is not available for chat, clicking the button will allow you to leave us a message.

single sign-on « Home Health Software Solution - CradleMRx
We know that many of you work for multiple agencies. Logging out of the application over and over not only wastes your time, it wastes the patient’s and agency’s time as well. With our new single sign-on process, you only need to log in

cradlemrx « Home Health Software Solution - CradleMRx
CradleMRx is ready for the OASIS C2 2017 update.  You will notice that previous OASIS will remain functional under the old OASIS C1 ICD-10 format.  Any new OASIS, as of January 1st, 2017, will be under the newly updated OASIS C2 format.

Training « Home Health Software Solution - CradleMRx
, we host a weekly webinar training for our clients. This session is currently divided into three parts: Clinician Management Training, Medicare Billing Training, and Administrative Management Training.